Lawn Care Tips and Tricks

Our yards and lawns are the accents we have for our homes.  When we have a nicely manicured lawn people take notice.  Our lawn care andover is something that all homeowners need to focus on all year round.  During the summer is when we need to really step up our game.  This is the time when flowers are in bloom, the weather is perfect for growing and we have the time to really show off our skills.

Design Choices

When looking at lawn care we first need to look at our design choices.  When making our yards look nice many people will overdo it and turn their yards into jungled mess.  When working on your design for your yard find a central point that you want to accent.  This can be the house, a tree or maybe a large rock.  Whatever it is use that as the centerpiece.

Flower Gardens

Flower gardens are a great choice when designing your yard.  These can be made into a wide assortment of shapes, vary in color and flower species and even have natural accents such as crushed stone, wood chips and straw.


When maintaining your yard you will want to make it easy.  Create areas large enough to get your push or riding lawn mower through.  When designing curves take into consideration getting behind them to trip grass and prune bushes.  Everything might look beautiful in the end, however, keeping it maintained can be more work than it is worth.

Get Inspiration

When doing your design grab inspiration from all over.  Look in magazines, movies, online and even from your neighborhood.  You don’t want to copy anyone else’s design but take inspiration. 

lawn care andover

Change it up

Each year or each season change up your design a little.  Add a little and take a little away.  When we do this we keep our yards healthy and we get a varied look that everyone can enjoy.