Regular Trimming Of Trees Keeps City Green

Regular Trimming Of Trees Keeps City Green

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Don’t suppose anyone of you have heard of the classic story known as ‘how green was my valley’? Perhaps not because it was written so long ago already, maybe even before your mom and dad’s time. Perhaps though, if you fit that generation, your grandparents might. It would not have mattered if they had read the story or not – it was a very long story anyhow – because they might have seen the movie.

So many classic movies were being made in that era and it was only then that one or two isolated pictures – yes, that’s what they called the movies back then – were made in color. For them it was amazing. In glorious technicolor as they said. Today, however, color is taken for granted. It is so passé. So much so – and this may be sad sometimes – not enough people perhaps take in the splendor of their green parks and neighborhoods.

All this is being made possible by quite a few very fine people. Amongst which are the lads, and maybe one or two gals, working the tree trimming service raleigh route. If the girls are not at the back of the truck, they’re at least ‘manning’ the office while the boys get things done. But then again, these days, women can do pretty much anything they set their minds to. There’s even a saying in some countries that the girls play better soccer than the guys.

And globally, there’s this feeling that says they make better leaders too. That kind of makes sense because in tune with their female nature, women are nurturing and caring. Maybe there’s more women than men out there taking care of the environment which isn’t doing too well at the moment.