Shaping The Land To Conform To Your Artistic Vision

Shaping The Land To Conform To Your Artistic Vision

When a typical individual looks at their yard or a piece of land they will typically see dirt, grass, trees and bushes.  For the more artistic of us in the group a yard or field is a blank canvas they can use to create something amazing.  These people are skilled in the craft of landscape architecture newport mn.

Designing the space

When getting into landscaping the first thing that needs to be done is to explore the space.  When we explore the space we look at the flow of the land.  We see where hills and valleys meet, what other plants are present and how rocky or rich the soil is.  We then take this and start to design what it is we want to appear.


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Plants are probably the first and main thing that we will use when filling up the space.  Trees, bushes, flowers and an assortment of other greenery will be used to fill out the space.  However, plants are not the only thing that can be used to make a space interesting.


Water is a natural resource that fits great in landscaping projects.  Water can be sued as a small lake, birdbath, even a small waterfall in some settings.  When designing a space see if you can incorporate water in some way.


Rocks are another great feature that is found in nature.  Creating a rock wall or even a rock tower.  One idea that many don’t think of is creating a fireplace or cooking area for the space.  This fireplace can be used for cooking, warmth or just as an added visual feature.  When designing your space you will want to incorporate functionality as well as beauty.

Focal point

The final thing that you want to consider is your focal point.  This is a piece of interest that your landscaping project will revolve around.  It should be attractive but subtle.  You want it to be the focal point but you also don’t want it to overwhelm the space.