Tips For Creating A Manicured Yard

Tips For Creating A Manicured Yard

Our homes are our pride and joy.  We take great care in making sure that the grass is cut, leaves are raked and the edges are manicured.  However, there are times when we are just starting out putting our lawns together, either because it is a new house or the start of the spring season.  Either way, lawn installation grafton oh and gardening are great ways to beautify your yard.

Mowing the lawn

Our lawns are all different and require different times and levels of care.  With grass that grows quickly mowing and edging may take longer or need to be done more frequently than a yard that doesn’t get a lot of water.  When mowing our lawns you want to do it at least twice a month.  This will help keep the yard at a reasonable length.


When dealing with our lawns weeds will pop up all over the place. Many people have a lot of different ways to handle weeds.  One of the best ways is to pull them by the root.  Spraying them with chemicals is okay, but trying not to introduce more chemicals into our environment is always a good idea.  Pulling weeds is best but make sure that you get them by the roots. 

Fertilize your lawns at the start of the season as well.  Over time our lawns lose their nutrients and as such will being to grow in patches.  Sprinkling a combination of fertilizer, grass seed and weed killer will help to maintain a healthy balance in our lawns. 

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Don’t over mow

Doing anything to excess can be bad.  Over mowing, fertilizing, watering or even sun can cause damage to your yard.  When taking care of your yard it is important to start slow, look at the process and adjust.  Our lawns are our pride and joy.  Let’s make them the best they can be.