Tips For Maintaining The Perfect Temperature In Your Home

Tips For Maintaining The Perfect Temperature In Your Home

When summer hits we want the house to be ice cold.  In winter we want the opposite and be toasty warm.  However, this can’t be done unless we keep up with our cooling and heating equipment maintenance jacksonville ar

When maintaining our heating and cooling units there are several steps, tips, ticks and procedures you can go through to ensure that everything is working fine.  Here is a short checklist that you can follow.

Check the batteries

Many thermostats will have a set of batteries in the control.  Making sure that they are fresh and working properly will keep the unit functioning.  Replacing these batteries every six month or so will help ensure that you don’t have any surprises.

Check the fan

The fan outside can’t be blocked.  If it is blocked then it is not pushing air out or pulling air in.  Make sure that the grass and plants around your unit are maintained and kept clear.  Also, make sure that the fan doesn’t become bent or warped.  Constantly spinning fans will tend to bend and warp.  If this happens you will need to replace it.

Keep the unit clean

The unit will eventually collect leaves, twigs and other items that blow in from storms or just fall from trees.  This is why it is important to have the unit cleaned at least once a year.  This can be done easily with a hose and water.

Examine the wiring

Making sure that wires don’t come lose or panels protecting the wires corroded.  When you examine the wires don’t touch them but do a visual inspection.  If you see anything that is exposed you will want to get the unit checked out.

General usage

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The best way to maintain your unit is to follow general usage practices.  Set your unit to turn on and off at a specific temperature instead of running it twenty four seven.  When not home or going away make sure that the unit is turned off or the temperature is raised in the room to prevent unneeded usage. 

Following these simple steps will help maintain your unit and keep it running for years to come.